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Family History


Welcome to my Family History


Who are the Pennsylvania Germans and how and why did they get here

Where did the Frysinger's come from


My Father, Mother, my two Sisters, and my Dog "Tippy"

My Parents

Hiram and Irene Frysinger

Irene' Travel Album


Hiram, Clara, Muriel and George Frysinger

My Grandparents


July 2017

The Dr. Galen Frysinger Family

left to right

Elma Breidenstine Frysinger

Erik Frysinger

Jack Frysinger

Matt Frysinger

Dr. Glenn Stephen Frysinger

Karen Christman

Thomas James Frysinger

Jane Frysinger Pilliod

Susan Frysinger Blasch

David Blasch

My Family


marlene+galen.jpg (127536 bytes)

Dr. Galen R. Frysinger and his wife Marlene E. Roeseler



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