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I am a retired scientist (chemistry and physics).  After getting my PhD from Yale I spent time doing research in Germany on Fulbright and National Science Foundation grants, worked in University research, for the Federal government and with industry. Most of my work was with new products.  My retirement interests changed to Comparative Ethnography, comparing how people live, their tools, and how they dress.

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I live in my hometown of Sheboygan in the State of Wisconsin


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Damascus, Syria

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what I have observed thru my Travel Camera Lens


East Timor flag


National Palace


Dr. Galen R Frysinger's Travel Photo Gallery called

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donkey park next to country market in Haiti

The poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere is Haiti.
  Long the victim of foreign or domestic exploitation.


The World Today

as seen by Dr. Galen R. Frysinger






Summer of 1955 trip across the U.S.

1956 - 1958 Fellowships in Germany

1956 Berlin

1956 Paris

1957 Switzerland and Germany

1957 Holland

1957 Turkey

1957 Egypt

1957 Scandinavia

1959 Grand Canyon

1963 visit to the Soviet Union

1964 Iran

1966 to Japan

1975 to Tunisia

1975 to Malta

1975 to Jugoslavia

1976 European Railpass

1977 Australia

1979 visit to Malaysia

1979 South East Asia

1982 The Galapagos Islands

1984 Thailand

1984 Burma


1986 Easter Island

1986 Papua New Guinea

1987 Cruise - Venezuela to Mexico


1987 Bull Fight

1991 Arab Gulf States

1991 Polar Bears  Churchill, Canada

1991 Australia

1991 In Search of the Source of the Nile

1992 Dominica

1993 Mali

1993 Berlin

1993 Canada Maritime and St Pierre

1993 Indonesia

1994 Alaska

1994 Brown Bears

1995 Baltic States

1995 Ethiopia

1995 Camino de Santiago

1995 Syria and Jordan

1995 El Salvador and Nicaragua

1995 Marquesas

1996 Silk Road

1996 Turkey

1996 South Street Seaport, New York City

1997 Canyon de Chelly

1998 Borneo

1998 Brunei

1998 Northern Cyprus

1998 St Vincent


Guyana and the Caribbean

1998 Biloxi, Mississippi

1999 Yap, Palau, Guam

2000 Saudi Arabia

2000 Haiti

2001 Vienna to Amsterdam

2001 In Search of the Source of the Nile

2003 Chile

2005 Japan

2005 Egypt

2010 Tuvala

2010 East Timor

2010 Africa

2013 Paris



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